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Our resource library is a dynamic and progressive information center covering soap, cosmetics, bath and body, candles, and small business.  It is ever growing and changing, so you’ll want to bookmark for reference.  We have tons of information that we will be adding in September 2015.  If it looks a little light now, it will be filling quickly.

Oils and Fats
Essential Oils
Absolutes and Hydrosols
Clays and Muds
Salts and Sugars
Waxes and Wicks
Other Soap and Cosmetic Ingredients
Complete Lye Calculator for Soap
Complete Scent Calculator for Soap and Cosmetics
Color Calculator for Soap and Cosmetics
Batch Size Calculator for Soap
Batch Size Calculator for Cosmetics
Soap Mold Volume Calculator
Measurement Conversion Calculator
Comprehensive Oil Saponification (SAP) Chart
Comprehensive Oil Substitutions Chart
Comprehensive Oil Properties Chart
Unit Conversions Table by Weight
Unit Conversions Table by Length
Unit Conversions Table by Volume
Unit Conversions Table by Temperature
Fragrance GAP Chart
Federal Drug Administration (FDA) – Regulates cosmetics and drugs in the US

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) – Regulates soap, laundry soap, and candles in the US

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) – Regulates ‘organic’ claims in the US

The Public Health and Safety Organization (NSF) – Develops public health standards and certifications in US

European Commission (EU) – Regulates soap and cosmetics in Europe

Health Canada (HC) – Regulates cosmetics in Canada

Australian Government Department of Health (NICNAS) – Regulates soap and cosmetics in Australia

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) – Regulates labeling cosmetics in Australia

Organic Certification Outside US

Bath Alchemy Lab Recipe Database

Sources for Quality Recipes

Bath Alchemy Lab Tutorials
Sources for Tutorials
Grab-N-Go Resources
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
Product Record Keeping
Business Record Keeping
Starting a Business
Business Terms
Candle Terms
Cosmetics Terms
Soap Terms
Press Kits and Releases
Free Methods of Promotion
Social Media Marketing