Online CP Soapmaking Boot Camp

Want to take several of our CP soapmaking classes and learn to make soap in hands on classes, including fancy swirls and layers?  Want to know how to start and run a soap and cosmetic business all from the comfort of your home? The Online Soapmaking  Boot Camp is for you.  

What is an online boot camp?

  • 9 soapmaking classes
  • Beginner through intermediate lessons
  • Lessons are about 3 hours in length
  • Business and labeling included
  • Swirling, coloring, scenting, and so much more
  • Thorough explanations and examples
  • Build confidence in your soapmaking
  • Professional, state of the art teaching platform
  • Countless slides and video demos
  • Includes soapmaking kits to get you started
  • 9 comprehensive manuals, each at least 30 pages in length
  • Coupons to top suppliers
  • Work at your own pace - no set times
  • Unlimited access even after you complete a course

This is a comprehensive course consisting of slideshow presentations, videos, downloadable PDFs, and quizzes to highlight important information in a professional format. You'll be able to learn everything you would in a traditional classroom and ask any questions along the way all from the comfort of your home.

Boot Camp includes:

  • CP Beginner Soapmaking
  • Beginning Soapmaking Kit (shipped by Bramble Berry)
  • Colorants in Soapmaking
  • Colorant Sampler Kit 
  • Scenting in Soapmaking
  • Scent Sampler Kit 
  • Soap and Cosmetic Business
  • CP Intermediate 1: Embedding/ Layering
  • CP Milk Soaps
  • CP Intermediate 2: Swirling
  • CP Liquid Substitutions
  • Packaging and Labeling Soap and Cosmetics
  • Over $150 in savings
  • Includes shipping for all 3 kits.  Choose US or International (higher cost due to shipping overseas - no lye included)

Our classes are unique in the industry.  Each course is designed in logical sequence in a well thought out curriculum.  Classes are very comprehensive and cover small details that are often overlooked in other courses and books, but make life easier for soapmakers (things we wished we had learned as a new soapmaker).  The class is built on a professional platform, where you can learn at your own pace on your own time, anywhere in the world.  You just need internet access and a desire to learn. 


This course was excellent for a beginner! This was a plus for a working artisan!

This class covered quite a lot of information... I really felt the recipe formulation information was worth its weight in gold.  Everything was very thorough.

This course exceeded my expectations.  Superb!

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