The Artisan Soapmaker eZine Issue 1 - Color Crush

The Artisan Soapmaker eZine – Issue 1 – Color Crush


An ezine for CP and MP soapmakers with articles and 6 tutorials.  This issue is Color Crush dedicated to all things color.

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What makes our ezine unique? The Artisan Soapmaker focuses on soap and soap alone.

What can you expect from The Artisan Soapmaker?

  • About 6 soapmaking tutorials per issue
  • Quality step by step photos accompany each tutorial
  • Intermediate to Advanced designs
  • Based on a theme
  • Both CP and MP designs in every issue (usually a 50/50 split)
  • Additional soapy articles that support the theme, such as using colorants or making your own tools
  • NO interviews or articles about particular companies
  • NO articles outside of the realm of soap and soapy topics
  • NO outside advertising
  • Recipes in every issue
  • Reasonably priced
The first issue features some fun designs, plus a number of soapy articles.
  • Color Theory
  • Using Color in Soap
  • Pigment Mixing Primer
  • Using Color Palettes
  • CP Tutorials:
    Easy Layering
    Rainbow Petals
    6 Color Mantra Swirl
  • MP Tutorials
    Simple Stripes
    Confetti Pop Dots
    Stained Glass Window