Frequently Asked Questions

You’re busy, we get it.

There are no start or end dates, no schedules that need adhering to, and no deadlines. The only exception to this is the Soapmaking Academy, which has published start dates and weekly releases, but can still be used at your own pace.

That’s why if you’re getting married or traveling, you don’t have to worry about missing out on the content because you get lifetime access for as long as the course is offered. You’ll learn at your own convenience and the training materials will be there for you for as long as you need them.

You can expect an engaging, thorough course.

All are comprehensive courses, consisting of slideshow presentations, demonstration videos, downloadable PDFs, and quizzes to highlight important information in a professional format. You’ll be able to learn everything you would in a traditional classroom and ask any questions along the way all from the comfort of your home.

With unlimited access, you can watch demonstrations or review content again and again. That’s not something you can do in a live class.

Of course, you can.

Our students arrive at all skill levels with varying experiential backgrounds. If you already have a skill set, and want to learn from there, by all means purchased just the class you want. If you feel you might be missing some necessary skills, you can take a class covering the topics you need. Our classes are completely a la carte, and you can decide how you want to learn.

Two words – content and delivery.

You may have taken a class from a local soapmaker who makes an incredible bar of soap. She may be knowledgeable and even be certified through a guild. But that doesn’t mean that her class will be comprehensive, logically sequenced, and thorough. Our courses were designed by a professional educator with teaching experience and a background in curriculum development who also made soap and ran businesses for years.

Our classes are thorough with detailed instruction. Topics were researched, techniques were categorized, and a sequential curriculum was developed.

Our classes contain multi-media training delivered exclusively online. Our students learn throughout the world at any time of day (or night) that is convenient. Some are moms with small kids at home, and others are working professionals looking to learn a new skill and start a business. There are no set times, freeing your schedule to allow for learning when you can when your busy life permits.

Our program is unique in the industry. There is no program delivered in this fashion with as many classes or as much content.


This is probably one of our most common questions. Can I actually make money? And while we can emphatically answer ‘yes’ to this question, we can make NO guarantees. That’s because the success of your business is entirely up to you.

Our courses will teach you to make safe, quality products. Our business classes will lead you in the right direction with running a business. We know people that are hobbyists, making only enough to cover their ingredient costs, and others that run businesses that solely support their families bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars and more each year. It is all possible, but only you can make it successful.

We suggest that you think about your goals and expectations for a business. Our Starting Your Own Soap and Cosmetics Business class will give you an excellent start and a full understanding of what is involved. Starting a business should not be taken lightly. It is a lot of work. Talk it over with your family and learn about running a business before starting one.

Hmm… let me count the ways.

Hey, we are the first ones to admit that we have learned a lot from the free content on the web, including on YouTube.  When we designed our courses, we knew that there was free information similar to what we teach in our classes.

Free information is not the same as an education.

1.  Information is scattered all over the web.  You have to know how to research and where to find the best free information.  As a former librarian, I can tell you that most people do not know how to fully research properly.  It is also extremely time consuming.  We take our years of ongoing research and place it directly in our classes.

2.  Some of that free information is just plain wrong and some books are outdated.  It is a lengthy process to sift through correct information and nonsense.  Most people do not know how to determine if a website is reputable and factual.

3.  We take all of our experience, knowledge, and research and build it into a sequential curriculum.  Each new skill or technique is built on a previously learned skill.  All of the work of putting information together is not only done for you, but explained in detail.

4.  Most YouTube videos are not professionally filmed.  You can’t always see what’s going on, sometimes the lighting and film quality are poor, and a lot of information to make a project successful are not explained.  For example, did you know that soap swirling can be broken into just two categories, and that the trace and tool used will determine the final design.  YouTube videos typically show a person creating a product in their kitchen as a point of interest for their customers or friends, not as a well thought out curriculum, with detailed explanations for successfully recreating the exact design demonstrated.

5.  We use high quality films, step by step instruction, and give lots of visuals and thorough explanations.  In a world that wants everything now and to be shown in an easy to understand visual manner, we deliver just that.

6.  There is NO program like ours.  Sure there are local classes and even a few online, but none are delivered in engaging multimedia with the massive amount of content that we provide.  We even do it at a reasonable price.

Our large courses have payment plans and we do offer discounts and even scholarships.

The Soapmaking Academy offers a payment plan in 4 equal payments, or you can pay in full. Our other classes do not have this option as the prices are low.

Occasionally, we offer a discounts on classes (as much as 50%) through our newsletter. You must follow us to discover our discounts and sales. We offer scholarships for our Soapmaking Academy twice per year. This is mentioned in our newsletter and on our blog with full details to apply.

We do not offer work study programs or barters. As long as you are on our email list, you’ll be notified of our discounts and yearly scholarship contests —which we hope you’ll participate in!

We are fully committed to helping you gain valuable skills for you and your business. You can test drive a lesson or two in each course prior to purchase free of charge with no strings attached.

Simply go to the course information page, and you will find not only a tour of the class, but one or two lessons are displayed for free to get an idea of the quality and content of the class. We recommend test driving the course before making a purchase. Once you have made the purchase, there are NO refunds and no exceptions. We take our learning environment seriously and maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement, and inspired, action-oriented learning. But if you are truly unhappy with our quality, contact us.

All of our classes are for individuals. Upon registration you will receive one username, password, and member profile for use during the course in the private member site as well as the exclusive directory.

If you would like to take our courses along with a business partner or collaborator, you will need to purchase the courses individually. Additionally, if you are interested in having your assistant or your entire team take classes with us, a separate membership will need to be purchased for each participating member.

Yes. Yes, they do.

In our beginner and intermediate classes, you will learn about natural ingredients and how to use them correctly in your products, as well as ingredients that are not, whether scenting with an essential oil or coloring with a clay or herb.

All demonstrations in all classes are skill based. This means that a technique is taught, and you can apply that skill with your own choice of ingredients to make the perfect product for your business. For example, we demonstrate a sunset soap that uses pigments and a fragrance oil. Simply swap out the fragrance for essential oils and use a mica or plant based colorant, and create a sunset soap with your own ingredients in your own style.