Soap the Rainbow Blue Week

Soap the Rainbow Blue Week

Soap the Rainbow Blue Week. While the Soap the Rainbow contest is over, the inspiration is not.  Blue was the color to make your soap during the 5th week in Bramble Berry’s Soap the Rainbow challenge.  Bramble Berry offered the opportunity to make a different color soap each week and win some prizes.  Check out our previous posts with details plus a feature on the color red HERE, orange HERE, yellow HERE, plus our two green soap tutorials for the sawblade technique for CP soap HERE and a mottled turtle shell design for MP soap HERE.  Participant’s posted soap images on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #soaptherainbow.  You can still search for these inspirational designs using that hashtag.

Soapy Rainbow Inspiration

You can find information and tutorials for blue soaps on the Soap Queen blog HERE.  The very talented Emily of Shieh Designs created this gorgeous ocean soap in blue, with lovely embeds and mermaid tails.  Note the sandy bottom, the swirly balls, the waves, and the shells.  Did I mention mermaid tails?  It is quite impressive.  I think I will blatantly copy this soap for my daughter to give her friends as holiday gifts.  It’s just too cute not to make.  You can see the directions to make this soap HERE.


Soap the Rainbow Blue Week

Soap the Rainbow Blue Week

Below are some of my favorite blue soaps from the Soap the Rainbow challenge on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  There are many beautiful designs, and I can only choose a handful, so be sure to search for your own faves by using the hashtag #soaptherainbow.

Renaissance Soaps (Instagram)


Beetle Bones (Instagram)


Silver City Soapworks (Instagram)


Melly Bravo (Instagram)


Whipped Up (Instagram)


Raven Song Soap (Instagram)


Misadventures of Me (Instagram)


Our next post will reveal the purple week of Soap the Rainbow.  And then we’ll have a new recipe using exotic, sustainably harvested oils from the amazon rainforest.  Additionally, we’ll be featuring a few recipes and tutorials for the fall and Halloween.  Be sure to follow our blog regularly.