Make Soap Or Recipe From Book or Kit Your Own

How to Make a Soap Design or Recipe From a Book or Kit Your Very Own

As a former librarian, I am obviously addicted to books and have trouble being patient when I know a new book is coming out soon.  This was certainly the case with the new book by Anne-Marie Faiola (AKA the Soap Queen of Bramble Berry) called Pure Soapmaking.  Besides going over the basics of making natural soaps, it is jam packed with recipes and designs.

Pure Soapmaking book

Bramble Berry offers kits on their site to go along with the book, which provides all of the ingredients you need to recreate the soaps, such as the Annatto and Yarrowembedded soap found in the new book.  The kit includes all of the ingredients, plus the book and a mold.  There is plenty of leftovers to make another batch of soap.  The book’s step by step photos will help you recreate this soap.  But let’s say you have the book and the kit and you want to make a new and unique soap using these tools as a starting place, besides simply changing colors.


This process is not as hard as it seems.  Using the Annatto and Yarrow CP Soap Kitfrom Bramble Berry and the recipe and design on page 102 of the Pure Soapmakingbook as inspiration, we took this design and recipe, as seen on the Bramble Berry website:

annatto soap

And created this new design:

bb soap2

Watch this video to see how we changed the recipe plus a step by step demonstration of this new design.

Join us for a challenge.  Find a soap in the new Pure Soapmaking book and make it your own.  Share your new recipe and/or a photo of your design with us on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #newsoapdesign.