Starting a Soap or Cosmetic Business Is Like Being On a Roller Coaster

Starting a Soap or Cosmetic Business Is Like Being On a Roller CoasterStarting your own business of any kind is a lot like being on a roller coaster.  Some days you may be excited, while other days you are downright terrified.  Okay, so maybe you are terrified the entire time.  While the feelings for the ride fluctuate, the laws of physics still exist.

If you don’t take the time to buckle your seat belt, you could end up flying off the ride.  

Now you are probably thinking that the first part of that analogy made some sense, while the seat belt comment lost you.  The seat belt is a just metaphor for educating yourself on how to run a business to keep it safer.  While that roller coaster ride may end up being your greatest adventure, it could still be a catastrophe, regardless of the seat belt.  But without a seat belt (or education) you could very well be doomed.  It makes you feel more confident on the ride, too.

There are different methods of educating yourself, including plenty of good business books you can read about starting your own company.  Simply check out your favorite book store and be sure to read the reviews.  There are also lots of great free courses by SCORE, which I highly recommend.  The only problems with these books and courses is that they apply to any business of any size and do not address the special needs of the soap or cosmetic maker.

There is only one course specific to soap and cosmetic businesses, and that’s the one created by us at Bath Alchemy Lab.

In our class, you’ll gain the know how to start a business, making you feel more confident and keeping you on the path to success.

This course teaches you…

Before you start

  • How to know if owning a business is right for you
  • Determine if you have a business or a hobby
  • The importance of choosing the right name
  • How and why to find a niche

Getting started

  • Business start-up checklist for success
  • How and why to write a basic business plan
  • Start up costs to consider and funding options you might not have thought about
  • Choosing your business structure for tax purposes
  • Finding the correct registrations, licenses, and permits in your area
  • The differences between trademarks, patents, and copyrights in layman’s terms

Money matters

  • Pricing your products for profit
  • Bookkeeping 101 – the basics

Soap and cosmetic considerations

  • Trade association memberships and their benefits
  • Why you need product liability insurance and where to find it
  • A primer on labeling and good manufacturing practices
  • Soapmaker Software to track your business

Selling your products

  • Everything you need to know to start selling at craft and trade shows
  • Getting started in an online web store
  • Important considerations for wholesale and consignment

Marketing 101

  • Branding your business for success
  • Basic marketing principles
  • Crash course in social media marketing

It’s a little of everything to start a successful soap and cosmetic business.  There’s over 8 hours of slideshow videos plus a manual with added examples and resources.

If you are nervous about starting your own business and want to set yourself up for prosperity, sign up for the online business class.  You can work at your own pace, anywhere in the world at any time.  You have lifetime access to the content and can ask questions throughout the course.

Start the business of your dreams today!