New Online Soap Making Class – Spring Fling

New Online Soap Making Class - Spring Fling
Yay!  Time for a new class sampler.  Are you ready to give these techniques a try?  Go to the Bramble Berry site to join.
This course contains 5 soap designs that demonstrate one or more intermediate to advanced soapmaking techniques.
  • Springtime Lavender Pinwheels – created using a free pour and swirl technique
  • Egg Hunt Pot and Drop Swirl – multiple pot swirls are created and dropped into soap
  • Easy Chevrons – stripes are layered and a hanger is dragged through soap
  • Carnation Pink Lattice – a simple lattice is ‘carved’ and decorated with candy balls
  • Rainbow ‘True’ Peacock Marble – a peacock in the soap industry is called a bouquet in paper marbling. A ‘true’ peacock marble (as traditionally named in paper marbling) is a series of striped arches creating a soap that has lots of mini rainbows.
While our classes at Bath Alchemy Lab follow a progressive curriculum building upon each new skill learned, this course is more of a sampler of various techniques from several different courses we offer. It is a great way to learn a variety of techniques in a short class. While the lessons are thorough, if you find that you are lacking some of the theory and skills you need to be successful, you can optionally take any of our full courses at Bath Alchemy Lab.
Watch the teaser!
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