Voodoo Doll Soap for Anti-Valentine’s Day

Voodoo Doll Soap for Anti-Valentine’s Day
Have a broken heart?  Hate the sappy Valentine’s Day sentiments?  Want the holiday over as quickly as possible?  Perhaps you’d like to make soap that is for those that can’t stand Valentine’s Day.  Here is a fun soap for those that have exes they want to get even with for breaking their heart.  A voodoo doll does the trick.  This soap is very easy to make and will surely get a laugh when given to a jaded friend. While this soap is of the melt and pour variety, you can easily make it as cold process soap.  Since everyone will have different tools, we’ll focus on instructions rather than set recipes.
Voodoo MP Soap Recipe
White MP soap base
Clear MP soap base
Red mica
Beige mica
Pink mica
Fragrance of choice
You will need the following molds and cutters:
Gingerbread man cookie cutter
Mini heart cookie cutter
Square or rectangular silicone mold which can hold the gingerbread
First melt enough white soap to make a layer of soap about 1 inch thick. Add enough beige mica to tint the soap a flesh color.  It should look more like a voodoo doll and less like a gingerbread man.  Scent the soap as desired and pour into a slab mold or single cavity mold.  Spritz with rubbing alcohol to remove bubbles.  Allow to cool.  Release from mold. Press the gingerbread cookie cutter into the soap and remove.
Then press the heart cookie cutter into the chest area of the doll and remove.  Place the doll into a slab or single cavity mold.  Melt a color a very small piece ofclear soap red.  Pour it into the heart cavity.  Spritz with rubbing alcohol to remove bubbles. Melt enough white soap to fill the area surrounding the doll and color pink. Pour the soap around the doll, spritz with rubbing alcohol to remove bubbles, and allow to cool and set. Remove from mold.  Spritz with rubbing alcohol to remove fingerprints.
Break a toothpick in half to use as voodoo ‘pins’ and add a gift tag.  You can allow the recipient the satisfaction of pinning the voodoo doll. Be sure to wrap the soap in shrink wrap to prevent sweating.