FREE Fragrance Gap Analysis Worksheet

FREE Fragrance Gap Analysis Worksheet

FREE Fragrance Gap Analysis Worksheet

Enjoy this handy worksheet for determining what scents your product line is missing. Fill in the sheet with FOs and EOs you currently offer. Any areas that seem to be lacking on types of scents you may want to consider adding to your line.

 To get your free worksheet, click on the image above.  From our website page you can download and print the sheet.
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Need help scenting your soaps.  See our Scenting in Soapmaking Class

Learn all about how to use various essential oils and fragrances in your CP or MP soap.

Main topics:

  • Is it Natural?
  • Understanding How Aromatherapy Works
  • Using Essential Oils
  • Blending EOs Like a Pro
  • Using Fragrances
  • Blending FOs Like a Pro
  • Common issues in scenting
  • How to avoid or fix scenting issues
  • And more


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Course includes:

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  • Downloadable PDF manual
  • Quizzes
  • 3+ hours of content