Color Me Pretty Part 2 – Cosmetics Recipes

See the previous post Color Me Pretty Part 1 – Making Cosmetics for background information and details about making powdered make-up.

Loose Pink Blush Powder

1g Titanium dioxideColor Me Pretty Part 2 - Cosmetics Recipes

2g Kaolin
2g Magnesium Stearate
1.5g Red mica
2g Pearl white mica
18g Talc
4g Corn starch

Blend the first 5 ingredients with a mortar and pestle. Add each of the remaining ingredients blending well after adding. You may need to adjust the color by adding more red or white mica, until the desired color intensity is achieved. Fill jars.

Mineral Eye Shadow Powder

1g Corn starch
7g Talc
11g Mica powder
2g Magnesium Stearate
5g Mica pigment of choice

Blend all ingredients with a mortar and pestle. Fill jars.

Lip Color

Lip color can come in many forms – lipstick, lip gloss, and tinted lip balm. There are a few factors to consider for each. Lipstick should be easy to apply, not bleed around the mouth, and should feel moist on the lips. Lip gloss should also be easy to apply, have a wet look on the lips, and provide sheer coverage. Lip balm should provide protection on the lips, which softens and conditions.

Some ingredients that you may need in creating lip color are as follows:

  • Waxes: Create a support structure for the stick. Common waxes include carauba, beeswax, candelilla, and ozokerite wax.
  • Oils and Butters: These provide the moisturizing properties to the stick. Castor oil is very popular as it creates a nice shine. Plant oils and butters, such as grapeseed and shea, are fine as well, but are more expensive.
  • Colors: Can include FD&C and D&C dyes, pigments, and micas.

Color Me Pretty Part 2 - Cosmetics RecipesBurgundy Lip Gloss

40g Jojoba Gel
7ml Jojoba Oil
.5g Vitamin E
.25ml Brown Oxide
2g Pearl white mica
2g Deep red mica
.5ml Lip-safe preservative (optional)
Flavor (optional)

Blend the jojoba gel and oil with the Vitamin E. Add the remaining ingredients to the jojoba mixture and blend well. Adjust your color as needed by adding more colorants until the desired color is achieved. Place in lip gloss vial. If too thick to package easily, heat to 125°F.

There are many cosmetics you can make yourself, from skin care lines to lip pencils and mascara. The following resources can help you to learn more about the different aspects of making your own colorful line of cosmetics.

Cosmetic Ingredient Suppliers:

The Conservatorie
Many items can be purchased from your favorite soap supplier.

Cosmetic Books:

Make Your Own Cosmetics: Recipes for Color Cosmetics By Karen and Thomas Bombeli
The Complete Book of Lipsticks by Jan Benham

Resources for Labeling and GMP:

FDA Cosmetic Labeling Guide
FDA Cosmetic GMP
Soap & Cosmetic Labeling by Marie Gale
Good Manufacturing Practices for Soap and Cosmetic Handcrafters by Marie Gale
Bath Alchemy Lab – online classes in labeling and GMP