Formulating Your Own Soap Recipes eBook

Formulating Your Own Soap Recipes eBook

Formulating Your Own Soap Recipes eBook

We are very excited about our newly released eBook.  It is a comprehensive guide to creating your own soap recipes and formulations. It walks you through everything you need to know and more on the subject. Nothing is left to guessing – know exactly what you are doing it and why.

Topics include:

  • Saponification and why you need to understand it
  • Fatty acids and the properties brought to soap
  • Choosing the perfect oils for your projects
  • Creating the perfect balance of properties
  • SAP charts explained
  • Doing ALL of the math – every formula step by step
  • Understanding water’s role in soap and when and how to adjust your liquids
  • SAP charts, oil substitutions, and recipe form are included
  • And more

This is a lengthy, thorough eBook (193 pages) that will teach you how to create great soap recipes of your own.  New print book is almost ready.  Watch our website.


We realize that not everyone has the same learning style or goals.  And we know that your learning needs go beyond the virtual classroom.  That’s why we offer books, ebooks, ezines, tool kits and more.

  • Books and eBooks cover topics beyond our courses from recipe formulating to mixing pigments.
  • Ezines offer added information and fun with topics laid out in an eZine format with step by step tutorials in photos.
  • Kits complement our courses giving the opportunity to try out tools and ingredients from different suppliers at an introductory price.