Scenting in Soapmaking eBook and Contest

Scenting in Soapmaking eBook and Contest

Scenting for Soapmaking eBook

Not everyone needs a classroom setting to learn. That’s why we have taken our comprehensive manual from our popular Scenting in Soapmaking class and turned it into an eBook. Our class manuals are simply text documents. This new eBook contains all of the manual’s text as well as nice photographs, and some added appendixes including worksheets to record fragrance tests and scent blends.

Learn all about how to use various essential oils and fragrances in your soap including how to combine scents for your own custom blends.


Topics include:

  • Essential Oils
  • Blending EOs
  • Fragrances
  • Blending FOs
  • Common issues in scenting
  • How to avoid or fix scenting issues
  • And more

PDF eBook – 61 pages in lengthNote: If you have the manual from the Scenting in Soapmaking class, it is nearly identical in text to this eBook. The differences are photos and a pleasing eBook style layout.

Contest:  Want to receive this eBook for FREE?  Tell me what you struggle with in scenting your soaps – CP or MP – by Monday, April 28th 11:59 PM EST.  I will choose one winner for an instant PDF download of the Scenting in Soapmaking ebook on the following Tuesday.
Do you have scenting down to a science but would like a method of keeping track of your blends and tests in soap?  Try our Scent Impression and Testing Worksheet and our Scent Blend Record.