Feature Friday – Colorants in Soapmaking Class


Feature Friday - Colorants in Soapmaking Class
Online Colorants in Soapmaking – A Comprehensive Guide to Color
Learn all about how to use various colorants in your soap, from natural infusions to rich micas and everything in between. This is a comprehensive course consisting of slideshow presentations, videos, downloadable PDFs, and quizzes to highlight important information in a professional format (over 3 hours of content). You’ll be able to learn everything you would in a traditional classroom and ask any questions along the way all from the comfort of your home.
Topics include:
  • Pigments, Oxides and Ultramarines
  • Micas
  • Dyes
  • Natural colorants – herbs, clays, etc.
  • Color Infusions
  • Choosing color combinations
  • Choosing the best colorant for your soap projects
  • Tips and tricks to better coloring
  • And more
You’ll also learn how to use mica to create veins, swirl, paint, dust and more. Includes: Colorants Manual PDF
This class is also available in person at local classes in North Carolina.
Testimonials from customers:

This has been the best class and information on colorants…a sincere thank you!

This has got to be the best information on color for soapmaking I have been able to find. I love how she also taught how to vein, paint, dust, etc. with mica. While some tidbits of this information can be found on the Internet, this class is both thorough and covers everything I could possibly want to learn and then some in one place.

Our classes are unique in the industry.  Each course is designed in logical sequence in a well thought out curriculum.  Classes are very comprehensive and cover small details that are often overlooked in other courses and books, but make life easier for soapmakers (things we wished we had learned as a new soapmaker).  The class is built on a professional platform, where you can learn at your own pace on your own time, anywhere in the world.  You just need internet access and a desire to learn.
Feature Friday - Colorants in Soapmaking Class


All details can be found on our website at Bath Alchemy Lab.Pre-order your Pigment Blending Guide – an eBook that covers exactly how much pigment (oxide and ultramarine) is needed to create different shades of color and how to blend different pigments to achieve new colors.  Lots of pictures and exact measurements and formulas included.  Expected to be released by May (hopefully earlier).