Soapmaking Academy - 14 Weeks of Online Soap Classes

Soapmaking Academy – 14 Weeks of Online Soap Classes

Soapmaking Academy - 14 Weeks of Online Soap Classes

It’s time to register for the 14 Week Online CP Soapmaking Academy – Spring Term, which begins January 20th and ends April 28th.  Only a limited number will be accepted to this program, which is only offered a couple times per year.  This is a great gift to ask a loved one to get for you for the holidays.  Here is some information on this one of a kind soap program.

How does it work?

You will be given access to the class, which is set up similar to online university classes.  Each week, a lesson will be released.  You will have a code to access the lesson, which is a series of slideshows, video tutorials, PDF manuals, quizzes, etc. setup in a professional online course format. You work at your own pace at any time of day or night around your own schedule.  Each week, you will have the opportunity to participate in a challenge activity making soap from the weekly lesson.  You can also post questions and answers in a class forum.  If you get busy and can’t do a challenge or weekly lesson.  No problem, just watch the lesson when you can.  The class is for you and should work with your life.

What will I learn?

Tons!  More than you ever thought you would learn on your own or through a book.  Each class is very comprehensive and contains a lengthy downloadable manual with everything we could pack into a class on the subject.  Here are the weekly topics:

  • Week 1 – CP Beginner Soapmaking
  • Week 2 – Colorants in Soapmaking
  • Week 3: Scenting in Soapmaking
  • Week 4: Soap and Cosmetic Business
  • Week 5: CP Intermediate 1: Embedding/ Layering
  • Week 6: CP Milk Soaps
  • Week 7: CP Intermediate 2: Swirling
  • Week 8: CP Liquid Substitutions
  • Week 9: Packaging and Labeling Soap and Cosmetics
  • Week 10: CP Advanced Swirling 1
  • Week 11: CP/HP Advanced Soapmaking Pro
  • Week 12 : CP Advanced Swirling 2
  • Week 13: CP Advanced Scenery
  • Week 14: CP Advanced Soap Decorating
You will learn everything from safety to peacock swirl variations, from starting a business to painting soaps, from planning scenic designs to making custom fragrance combinations, and everything in between.  You can also request more information and ask as many questions as you need to gain the knowledge you are seeking.  For more information on each class, visit our website (click here).
Why take the soapmaking academy?
Anyone looking to learn soapmaking or more about soapmaking should take this course to gain valuable skills – beginner through advanced.  You will learn about starting a business, labeling your soap, and how to market yourself and be a successful business person.  The courses are some of the most comprehensive in the industry and will jump start your career.  Where you take it from there is up to you, but you will now be armed with the tools to take your business to the next level.  The university style formatting, organized curriculum, and professional teacher (with a degree and experience in education) make this course both unique and professional.  You should take the academy to learn the most you can in just 4 months.  It also prepares you for the certification programs offered in industry organizations, although we do not guarantee you will pass the tests.
What is the price and what is included?
For 14 weeks of lessons, weekly challenges, questions galore, 14 downloadable PDF manuals, you pay $1095, which is a savings of over $150 on individual classes, plus you get more inclusions.  However, during December ONLY we are offering a special rate, one for full payment and one for monthly payments.
Full Payment Option – $895 (Save an additional $200)
4 Monthly Payments Option – (Save an additional $100)
  • Payment 1 – $300 (secures your spot)
  • Payment 2 – $265
  • Payment 3 – $265
  • Payment 4 – $165
If you purchase before Christmas (December 25th), we will send you Brambleberry’s Beginner Soapmaking Kit in January, made exclusively for Bath Alchemy, for FREE.  Anne-Marie, the Soap Queen herself, designed this exclusive kit to work with our beginner class.  You cannot get this kit on Brambleberry’s site, nor with any other teacher.  It includes a scale, silicone mold, oils, lye (if in the US), fragrance, essential oil, and colorant.  (An $86 value, which we offer at a discounted price of $78 plus shipping on our website)

How do your courses compare to others?

There is no academy type course running for this length with this much content being offered by any other soapmaking teacher.  There are also little to no ONLINE courses on many of the topics we offer.  The online option works great for people around the globe.  So the only real comparison we can give is for our in person classes.  Some of our students have been to other prominent teachers in the industry for various classes and then taken ours only to be blown away with how much more knowledge they walked away with at the end of the course.  I can tell you that I have yet to find a class that covers more information in the same depth as our courses on soap related topics.

What do your previous students say about your classes?

“The CP Intermediate videos
are AWESOME!! I love the fact that I can replay or revisit the lessons. I
really like the step by step visuals of the actual Soap Making process and the
detailed information that you share. I can not Thank You
enough. I am so excited that I have the necessary tools to make beautiful

“I have finished 2 classes and I love them!!  Can’t wait to sign up for the academy.”

“I appreciate the time you spent with us in the beginning soap class this past weekend.  I can’t believe how much information you covered.  I really enjoyed the class and look forward to more in the future.”

“I am so glad I found your classes.  They are so helpful and explain a lot more about the process than I could get from sifting through YouTube.  Very pleased.”

I am on a tight budget, but would love to take the classes offered in the Soapmaking Academy.  How can I do this without breaking my bank?

We understand that a 14 week course can be more than some can afford on a tight budget.  While the academy offers the least expensive, most bang for your buck option, and comes with a payment plan for those needing to pace funds, there are other options.

Take online classes individually – While taking all of the classes will be more costly, some people only need a few classes, such as a business class or advanced swirling class.  You can spread classes throughout the year, or just take a few.

Earn FREE online classes – This is an excellent option for those on a budget.  For every person that you get to sign up for a class or the academy, you will earn 25% of their class to use towards your classes.  So, if you had your fellow soapmaking friend from Facebook purchase a class that costs $75, then you get $18.75 off of your next class.  If you get 4 people to sign up for a $75 class, then you get a FREE $75 class.  If you get 4 people to purchase the soapmaking academy course, then you receive the course for FREE.

Fine Print:  The person signing up for the class must pay for it and mention you as a referral.  There is no limit on the number of discounts and free classes you can earn, but the discounts do not have a cash value, in other words, we will send you no money.

We are working on an actual affiliate program that will pay cash, for those interested.

The time to act is NOW.  Discounts end Dec 31, 2013.  Limited participants.  Don’t miss this opportunity.  Visit our site today at

Have questions?  Email us at questions[at]