HSCG Conference 2014 Speaker

HSCG Conference 2014 Speaker

It’s official… I will be a speaker at the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild in Tucson, AZ in May 2014. I would like to say you are the first to know, but it’s actually been official for a little while now, but I am finally getting around to announcing here. 🙂  Here is the blurb on the topic:

Create Amazing Scenery in your Soaps

Create amazing scenery in your soaps, from sunsets and oceans to city skylines and seasonal designs. Erica will show you how to find inspiration, plan your strategy, and create a scene in your soap using various intermediate and advanced techniques, including layering, embedding, sculpting, and swirling. Besides the planning and implementing of designs, learn about tools, tips and tricks, troubleshooting and selling scenic soaps. You’ll leave inspired with many ideas and instructions and empowered with the knowledge to create scenes in soap. This class is suited for both cold process and melt and pour soapmakers.

To be perfectly honest, I was put on the spot for a class description long before the actual event for promotional purposes, so I was a little vague.  As I actually spend time making the specific soaps and tutorials for this event, I hope it to be far better than the description above, but we’ll see what I can cram into a 1 hour block.

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