Soap Crafting Book by the Soap Queen – A Review

Soap Crafting Book by the Soap Queen - A Review
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The much awaited Soap Crafting book by Anne-Marie Faiola (AKA The Soap Queen) has just been released and finally reached my home on the East Coast.  I could barely wait to tear open the package and see what was inside.  I’m kind of impatient with some things, and waiting for a new book or movie happens to be one of them.

If you like the Soap Queen blog, you’ll love the new book.  The first quarter of the book covers the basics on safety, ingredients, and beginning soapmaking, and Anne-Marie is a trusted expert in the profession, so she provides plenty of great information.  The rest of the book is page after page of recipes and techniques, ranging from the clean and simple to the more intermediate soapmaking designs, all with plenty of step by step photographs.

This an excellent book for taking your beginning soapmaking to the next level and beyond.  From soaps with natural colorants to fancy swirls, you won’t be let down.  There is even a section on soaps using household items as molds and recipes that include milks, fruits and veggies.  Some techniques in the book that you may be particularly interested in are the following:

Column Pour
Funnel Pour
In the Pot Swirl
Mantra Swirl
Painted Hearts
Linear Swirl
Spoon Swirls
Fire-Drop Swirl
(Well you knew that was going to be in there…Anne-Marie does seem to have a cupcake addiction.  😛  I walked with her and a group of ladies at the Denver HSMG Conference at the crack of dawn, and she talked about cupcakes and could tell me exactly how much walking she needed to do to work off the number of calories in the average cupcake – of course she would want to include a cupcake soap.  And these cupcakes are quite pretty.)

This is one of those books every soapmaker should have on their shelf.  Anne-Marie is a natural at teaching people fun soapmaking techniques, and I can’t really imagine anyone who wouldn’t enjoy just looking at the pretty photos and beautiful soaps.

You can purchase the book at Brambleberry, click here, for a very reasonable $16.95.

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