Tempting Fragrances from Nature’s Garden & Fun with Soap

Tempting Fragrances from Nature's Garden and a Little Fun with SoapI just received a wonderful package full of delicious smelling fragrances from Nature’s Garden.  They have been branching out more into soap making supplies, so you’ll find a little of everything.  I am most impressed by the variety of fragrance oils they carry.  The list seems endless.  But to make things easier, they have handy little guides in PDF format to help, which are quite lovely, and I like how they organize the fragrances into categories.

Here are some of the guides that are particularly useful to soap makers:

Tempting Fragrances from Nature's Garden and a Little Fun with SoapFragrance Class – Gives you lots of information about fragrances in general.  There is a class on essential oils on their site, too.

Fragrance Mixing Ideas – This is a long list of fragrance mixes that will give you a new unique scent.

Fragrances Tested in CP Soap Results – This is a list of all of their fragrances and how they hold up in cold process soap.  Some other suppliers offer this as well, and it is a MUST really, but I like that this one is in a PDF that I can download and save to my computer.

They have a bunch of other PDF’s from beginning soapmaking to oil properties and many recipes all for free.  I suggest perusing their website.

Here are the fragrances I have to play with:

Peppermint Patty
Down Home Country
Rum Ripened Raisin
Cracklin Birch
Caramel Apple
Pumpkin Eggnog
Sangria Punch
Indian Sandalwood
Chai Tea
Peppermint Fluff
Country Home
Sweet Potato and Brown Sugar
Jammin Rock Candy
The Perfect Man

I am going to be using these fragrances in some tutorials I’ll be posting here or in my newsletter.  You can sign up for the monthly newsletter here:  Subscribe to our newsletter.  I have some ideas already but I thought I would ask you what you would like to see me make an have a little giveaway.

What scent do you think I should start with and what would you like the soap to look like (colors, techniques, inspiration, CP or MP)? Whichever one I choose to do, I will post a step by step tutorial, send you a completed soap from that batch and a 4 oz bottle of fragrance randomly chosen from the list above from Nature’s Garden.
Post your requests below.  It’s easy…I have no Captcha or post approvals to wait on.

Here’s where to find Nature’s Garden: