Fire and Ice Candles – Ice Candle Tutorial

Fire and Ice Candles - Ice Candle Tutorial

There is something intriguing  about fire and ice, or in this case the flicker of a candle created using ice.  Ice candles get a Swiss cheese look to them as hot wax is poured over crushed ice. It’s a simple candle with a very interesting appearance.  Follow these easy steps to create these lovely candles.

Ice Candle 
Supplies needed:

Old pot
Old Towel
11 oz Paraffin wax
1 oz
Stearin (3 tbsp)
Pint size milk or juice cartons or sturdy pillar mold
6” plain
white taper candle
1 pint ice
Your choice
of candle dye and fragrancePrep your work area, laying down newspapers to protect surfaces.  Cut off the top of clean carton about 5 inches from base.  Trim the candle around the top to flatten it a little and expose more wick.  Trim the bottom of the candle to a height of 4 ¼ inches.  Wrap the ice cubes in a towel and use a hammer to break them into small pieces.  You can also use already crushed ice if your ice maker will do it for you.
Since most of the effect will occur at the bottom of the mold, and we want it at the top of the candle, place the candle in the carton upside down and pack ice around it to keep it centered and upright.  Melt the wax in the double boiler to 210° Fahrenheit.  Add stearin, fragrance and color dye.  Once wax has melted, remove from heat.  Place the carton in a bowl in case of leaks.  Pour the hot wax into the carton until it reaches the base of the white candle.  Allow to cool and harden for 1 hour.

Holding the candle over the bowl, tear off the carton and let the remaining water spill out.  Pull the wick up from the candle.  Allow 12 hours to dry out before use.  Enjoy the interesting effect of the candles design and the light it emits.