How My Company Got It’s Name

How My Company Got It's Name

The Bonnie Bath Co.  It took awhile for this name to formulate and it was actually my daughter, then 8 years old, who named the company.  Many people assume it is named after me, the owner, which, as you know, is Erica.  I do not personally know anyone named Bonnie either.  So why this name and not another?

Well, it all goes back to my niche when I first started.  I made Celtic soaps and sold only at Celtic events, such as Scottish Highland Games and Irish Festivals.  I knew I wanted to be ‘something’ Bath Co. and my daughter asked, why not name it after her stuffed lamb, Bonnie.  Well Bonnie the lamb’s full name is Wee Bonnie Lamb, which is Scottish for Little Pretty Lamb.  It seemed to fit…The Pretty Bath Co. (The Bonnie Bath Co.)

People at these venues knew what bonnie meant.  And we knew that the name, Bonnie, was very personal and special to us.  My daughter was never seen without her two stuffed animals Bonnie and Moo (obviously a cow) since she was 2 months old.  Anytime she found another lamb, she would name it with some form of Bonnie…Baby Bonnie, Wee Baby Bonnie, etc.  I even made a scrapbook with Bonnie and Moo all over town in a photo story.  Boy, did that get some looks at the supermarket.  People apparently think you are weird when you place a couple stuffed animals strategically in a cart and photograph them.

The photo above shows Bonnie in the front and Moo in  the background, both threadbare, ‘cateracts’ on their eyes, deformities from being re-stuffed with small ‘scars’ marking their surgeries at the neckline – completely LOVED.  They are held by Elizabeth, who looks a lot like my daughter.

How My Company Got It's Name

Over time, I found that I really liked to do other things, too, and preferred fancy techniques in log and slab molds.  I changed my packaging, logo and style, but kept the very personal name.  You can still see the original lamb logo on the back of my soap packaging, originally sketched by my brother.  Some of you long time followers may remember it.  So there you have it…my soap company is named after my child’s stuffed lamb and it’s name means ‘pretty’.

How did you choose your company name?