Going Natural - Part 6 - How to Implement Natural Change

Going Natural – Part 6 – How to Implement Natural Change

Going Natural - Part 6 - How to Implement Natural Change

Starting completely fresh with something new should never be taken lightly. Making changes to your business and products is a step by step process that should be planned to occur over a period of time. Here are some recommendations:

Educate yourself first. Read books, articles, reputable blogs, and more to learn more about any of the above changes, whether you would like to switch to RSPO certified palm oil or choose fairly traded shea butter. If you don’t, you could waste money, invest in a bad idea, or even cause an injury, such as can occur with using certain essential oils. Especially educate yourself on the labeling and marketing regulations for your products.

Plan, plan, plan. You especially want to plan expensive or radical changes. Planning will help you stay on budget and avoid pitfalls.

Survey your customers. You may even find that your customers prefer to avoid change after you’ve invested all of your money in a new approach. Try a free survey tool, such as Survey Monkey, to ask your customers their thoughts on your changes.

Change a little at a time. Do not throw away all of your fragrance oils to use essential oils or your base oils to use organic oils. This is wasteful and costly. Instead, add a few at a time and slowly phase out your old ingredients.

Accept setbacks. Sometimes change may not come as quickly as you like. Take your time and accept little setbacks along the way. Change is a process.

Have a prosperous new year!