Natural Bath for Babies and Children - Recipes

Natural Bath for Babies and Children – Recipes

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Natural Bath for Babies and Children - Recipes

Baby Powder

2 oz arrowroot powder
2 oz cornstarch
1 Tbsp kaolin clay
10 drops sweet orange essential oil
5 drops rose geranium essential oil
5 drops ylang-ylang essential oil

Place powders in a container with lid or a zip bag and add the essential oils. Close the lid and shake to distribute the oil. Let stand several days to distribute the essential oil. Use with every diaper change, or as needed.

Diaper Rash Treatment

1 cup calendula oil
1 oz beeswax
1 oz shea butter
8 drops of lavender essential oil

Melt oil, wax and butter together. Remove from heat and add essential oil. Pour into tins or jars and allow to cool. Apply to affected area between diaper changes.

Herbal Bath Milk

1 1/2 cups Goats Milk Powder
1 cup Cornstarch
1/4 cup Chamomile Powder
2 Tbsp Lavender Powder
5 drops Lavender Essential oil
1 drop Chamomile Essential Oil

Combine powdered ingredients, then add essential oils and blend well. Place in bottles or tins. Use 1 tablespoon for a baby size tub. ¼ cup can be used in standard tubs. Place mixture in a muslin drawstring bag and add to bath water.

Gentle Orange Blossom Bubble Bath

½ cup liquid soap (Castile is a good choice)
2 Tbsp glycerin
2 Tbsp distilled water
½ tsp sugar (extends the life of the bubbles)
5 drops sweet orange essential oil
3 drops lavender essential oil

Mix the ingredients and place in bottles. Pour a small amount under running water in a bath.

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