I’ve Been Featured and There’s a Contest

I've Been Featured and There's a Contest

I’ve been featured on the Handcrafted Soapmaker’s Guild blog (click here). It reveals how I became a soapmaker. You’ll find out my dirty little secret – I have a thing for sheep. Now don’t be scared, shocked or mordified. Don’t remove yourself from following my blog because I’m a weirdo. Thus far, I have kept my secret under wraps and in no way have subjected you to my strange goals in life. But, I also have a thing about being honest, so when asked how I became a soapmaker, I had to tell you all the truth.

Now I think I will have a contest, mainly to make myself feel a little better. It’s not everyday someone openly admits that they want to raise sheep. So the winner will get to choose one bar of soap from my line and a matching 2oz bath salts.

 Now, how to win the prize…
Post your dirty little secret. It must be a little weird (at least your family thinks so) and it can’t be too dirty. I don’t want to know that you like it when your husband dresses in your clothes. There is a point where there is TMI – too much information. I haven’t decided if I will pick the best answer or choose randomly. We’ll just have to see.
 The contest ends Nov. 10th.