Master the art of soap, cosmetics and candle making and build the business of your dreams. We’ll teach you how.

The Soapmaking Academy Fall Term beginsSeptember 4, 2017. Enroll today to secure a spot.

Bath Alchemy Lab is the first online school in its industry offering soap, cosmetics, bath & body, candle making, and business classes and workshops at different skill levels.  It is also the most comprehensive training program, teaching you step-by-step how to make artisan products and build a unique and profitable business, from the basics to mastery.

Proven techniques that inspire confidence

No need to fret over how to make your own recipe or swirl soap like a pro.  No more panicking over the handling of lye or your lotion mixture not cooperating.  Gain the detailed knowledge you need and then some to be a fearless and successful artisan and business owner.


Unlimited lifetime access anywhere in the world

Your training materials are yours forever, and your access to the online course is unlimited for as long as the course is offered. Learn anywhere, anytime, on any device, at your own pace, as often and for as long as you like. Yes, really!

Unique contemporary training and education

No other program in this industry offers more comprehensive learning with a logically designed, sequential curriculum.  We deliver it all in a modern, online platform with ongoing support.


Learn to develop your own line of soap, bath and body, skin care, and color cosmetics. You can even add candles to your line up.

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Online Courses

Online Training You Can Trust


Bath Alchemy Lab courses are accessed through our private, member-only website. Each course is filled with step-by-step training videos and slideshows, downloadable PDFs, and quizzes to highlight important information in a professional format.  The course follows a sequential curriculum, building on each new skill and technique.

  • Modules within each course group lessons appropriately.
  • Short lessons within each module help you learn without overwhelm.
  • Videos go with you—watch & learn anywhere.
  • Videos, audios, PDFs, and more deliver content for any learning style.
  • Questions are welcomed, and an answer vault allows you to see more wisdom.
  • Global community allows you to connect with students worldwide.

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Take all of our online soapmaking courses in one of two options to fit your needs –  a 16 week collegiate fashion OR an ‘on demand’ version.  The collegiate option offers 14 classes delivered on a weekly basis through our private, member-only website, plus two implementation weeks (midterm and graduation weeks).  The ‘on demand’ version gives all 14 classes at once with bonus materials. Get all of the same course materials as our individual classes with added resources, practice opportunities, support and more.

  • New course each week with lessons grouped within modules.
  • Short lessons within each module help you learn without overwhelm.
  • Videos go with you—watch & learn anywhere.
  • Videos, audios, PDFs, and more deliver content for any learning style.
  • Get hands-on practice at home and feedback from us.
  • Answer vault, discussion prompts, and extra resources included.
  • Global community allows you to connect with students worldwide.

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We realize that not everyone has the same learning style or goals.  And we know that your learning needs go beyond the virtual classroom.  That’s why we offer books, ebooks, ezines, tool kits and more.

  • Books and eBooks cover topics beyond our courses from recipe formulating to mixing pigments.
  • Ezines offer added information and fun with topics laid out in an eZine format with step by step tutorials in photos.
  • Kits complement our courses giving the opportunity to try out tools and ingredients from different suppliers at an introductory price.

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We’re constantly creating new and innovative resource materials, done-for-you templates, charts and tables, and recipes. You can find loads of free or inexpensive materials to grab from our website. Take one, or all. Go on, don’t be shy.

  • Record keeping charts to keep you working like a boss.
  • Tables of information to save you time and money.
  • Templates to use for anything and everything.
  • Recipe cards and fun freebies throughout the year.

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With all of the online training courses offered by Bath Alchemy Lab, we find we make a lot of product. Since we are in the business of teaching, we pass a substantial savings on to customers that want quality products made by us during our lessons.

  • Limited edition products and designs.
  • Low prices and free shipping.
  • Professional packaging.
  • Made from sustainable, quality ingredients.
  • Wholesale available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Our Courses?

We provide an education with correct information and instruction using quality videos and materials designed by a professional educator and curriculum developer.   All our experience, knowledge, and research is built into a sequential curriculum.  Each new skill or technique is built on a previously learned skill.  All of the work of putting information together is not only done for you, but explained in detail.   There is NO program like ours…period. Our courses are delivered in engaging multimedia with the massive amount of content for various learning styles.  We even do it at a reasonable price.  Can you afford not to take our courses?


We teach you everything to start a business right – labeling requirements, good manufacturing practices, and business skills. We build confidence, save time and money, and prevent stress. Our quality education leads to success and higher profits.

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